On the way of ISIS, Turkey’s factions execute civilians in a public square under treason pretext

The National Army executed two young men on Monday on charges of “treason” in the public square in Jarablous city, which had previously witnessed field executions by ISL.

The two men who were executed by live bullet , they were Mustafa Hassan Saleh and Ramadan Issa Senussi for treason and involvement in bombings targeting Turkish soldiers and militia leaders. The family of the two men denied the charges against them through an audio recording. They also confirmed that their statements were extracted under torture. They were not allowed to visit their children or to have a lawyer and put them in front of the courts , executions were carried out hastily to take responsibility in exchange for criminals acquittal .

Field executions have increased in Syrian-controlled areas of Turkish armed forces by opposition militias, which have been seized by Turkey and give them hands in kidnappings, arrests, seizure of citizens’ property, uncontrolled possession of weapons and complete impunity for accountable .

On Saturday, a man was executed in Azaz city on the main street as a result of beatings he was accused of involvement in a motorcycle blow up. He was involved in the assault on him till death , gunmen factions, which pay Turkey and Qatar their salaries , on hours later the man was innocent from the charge.


On 2 August, the Turkish-backed Nur al-Din al-Zanki executed two people for “treason”: Aziz al-Muhammad and Manar Mustafa. Field executions take place outside the jurisdiction of the court, the judiciary and the police.