Documentation Violations Center in Northern Syria


Documentation Violations Center in Northern Syria, known as VDC-NSY, a Syrian organization aimed at documenting human rights violations committed since beginning of Syrian civil war, including detainees victims and missing persons in northern Syria by various parties to conflict in the region independently and to help Justice in the future and give victims and their families the right and documentation to help them prosecute and hold accountable violations perpetrators .

The Center collects documents including medical records, information from victims’ families, photographs, names, videos, etc. and archives them for inclusion in a comprehensive database.

The Documentation Center for Violations was established in northern Syria in March 2018. It is based in Manbij, Syria, but is seeking a license in Germany.

The Center has an administrative staff consist of  6 persons  and field monitors, consist of 11,  they constitute a ground network covering all areas in the north, northeast and west of Syria.

The Documentation Center for Violations in Northern Syria relies on a methodology consistent with international humanitarian law, international human rights law and the four Geneva Conventions, all of which constitute the legal framework for the Center’s documentation methodology.

The Center documents violations committed by all actors in Syria regardless of ethnicity, religion or any other feature. As much information as possible is available on each violation, including perpetrator part , place, date, type and other statistical characteristics of victims and violations.