Pictures reveal that a Kurdish doctor was tortured after his abduction in Afrin

New pictures revealed that Dr. Adnan Bustan Kurdi, from Afrin city , was severely tortured after being kidnapped by masked gunmen and demanding his parents $ 10,000 for his release.

The group is composed of members of Al majd Corps and a collaborator from Al sham Corps. It was transferred to a prison in its headquarters in “Akbas” field in Raju district, northwest of Afrin. This headquarters is called Second Palestine Branch, Palestine of the Syrian intelligence is notorious.

Adnan Bustan’s body showed signs of brutal torture, in addition to psychological trauma as a result of being threatened with slaughter.

Despite the recording surveillance hijacking cameras recorded the moment of kidnapping and information of all details with names and identities of those involved, the military police and judicial authorities ignored the arrest of those involved despite the recognition of commander of Al sham Corps that his elements participated in the process.

The doctor, who called himself “Adnan Abu Nadim” in a video circulated activists on social networking sites, said that a group of ” Majd Corps ” kidnapped him from his clinic in the city in coordination with an element in “Sham Corps” called “Abu Al ezz,” and then he was tortured and released.

The leader of ” Majd Corps ” and named himself “Saad Al tabya (Medical)” admitted Sunday, that Ahmed Ezzeddine, nicknamed “Abu Al ezz ” is the one who ordered the kidnapping of the doctor with participation of two fighters affiliated with them were affiliated to “Corps of Al sham( Levant),” to accuse the doctor that he related to PYD party. “

This is the second time that the doctor has been arrested for the purpose of extorting his family for his release in exchange for a ransom.

It is noteworthy that the security of Al sham Corps in the field of “Akbis” in Rajo area , was killed under torture a few days ago one of its fighters, Mohammed Saeed al-Atar, who descended from the city of Qusayr in the western Homs countryside.

National Army in Afrin faces charges of kidnapping, killing and robberies since its takeover of entire region in March 2018, in addition to the violations committed by its fighters against the residents, medical staff, humanitarian organizations and activists on various charges.