Hussein Bozo writer was arrested in Afrin

The Syrian factions continue their campaigns of arrest and abduction in Afrin region and its vicinity, taking abduction and blackmailing families of abductees as a new means of financing.
Where Al Shamiya Front faction kidnapped cultural figure Hussein Bozo born in 1957 and taken him to an unknown location.

Salah Haider was also arrested after gunmen raided his home in center of the city.
Hamzah militias also kidnapped five civilians from Ghaziya village in Afrin countryside, including two women, known as:
Aslan Waqas and his wife, Ismat Abdo and his wife.
Hussein Bozo is a teacher of Kurdish heritage at Viyn Amara Institute. He has previously worked as a party presenter, sports commentator, writer and storyteller , earning him fame in Afrin region.
He suffers from obesity, born in 1957,. He is from the village of Dala in Al-Ma’abtli area.
The fate of Dr. Riad Manala, owner of Friends School and Hawar Restaurant, is still unknown after his abduction on 23.9.2018 in front of Hamdoush Mall in Afrin city In a silver van belonging to Sultan Murad battalion.

On the other hand, a group of armed factions led by Abu Akl in Medano Saba’a related to Rajo, continued to seize and harvest the olive crop on the fields of the villagers on a daily basis and a week ago. When the farmers objected and one of children photographed them, they harvested olives. They confiscated the mobile phone and hit it.
In the past period, elements of the Syrian factions of the Turkish armed forces have sent pictures and video clips to kidnappers families in order to blackmail them and force them to pay a ransom for their release.