Turkish concentration camps in Syria – testimony of Alan, who managed to survive

Alan Omar, a 20-year-old young Kurd, was arrested and abducted like many others from Afrin, seeing disasters in Turkish prisons in Syria.

Alan Omar (not his real name) told us his story with the Turkish occupiers and factions associated with Turkey, which occupied Afrin in early 2018 and still cause chaos in the region.

Omar remarked that the Northern Brigade had handed him over to the Turkish troops, adding: “The next morning Abu Abdo, in charge of the Northern Brigade, came and said,” Hand him over to the Turks. “They took me to an old building that became the seat of the Turks. For 3 days they beat me with sticks, kicked and humiliated me until they took me out and transported me in armored vehicles.

Kells’ first prison was hell. Each room was 5 by 5 meters, there were about 100 people in the prison, including the elderly and children from Afrin. Some were detained for ransom and released for $ 10,000.
It is a story of physical and psychological torture of all of us imprisoned there. “

Alan Omar was transferred to another prison. He talks about the interrogation room at Al-Raai Prison: “As for the interrogation room, you are blindfolded before entering it, so you do not see or recognize the investigator. Mercenaries from the Sultan Murad faction come to you with a translation. As for the investigator, his language is Turkish, and at any moment the investigator hits me with full force using a large stick. Sometimes I felt blood splatter from my head like a fountain. The investigator is threatening to kill and rape your sisters and your mother. This scenario continued for three months.

There were about 1,000 Kurdish prisoners from Afrin in the large prison, including children aged 14 to 15, including 6 mentally ill: I do not know if they went insane through torture or were ill before the abduction. The girls were tortured with electricity. There was also a section for detaining Kurdish girls. They were raped at night, we heard screams.

The room I was in was about 90 people and the room was 6 x 8 meters. We took turns sleeping. 45 people slept and another 45 stood.
The food was scary. Every day there was lentil soup and 1 loaf of bread (sometimes moldy) – one meal for 7 people.

The Turkish occupation and its factions are committing terrible crimes there, but because the media do not have access to it, these crimes remain hidden and no one talks about them.
I witnessed the murders of Kurdish old people by torture in the cellars of Al-Ra’i Prison. “

Nurhat hasan

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