Demonstrated in cities in northern Syria denouncing Turkish attacks


Several cities in northern Syria witnessed demonstrations condemning the shelling and the Turkish attacks Kobani and Tall Abyad / Gry spy cities, violations in Afrin cities , Al Bab and Jarblous by Syrian groups belonging to Turkey.

Demonstrations included the towns of Qamishli, Gerki Liga, Dirk, Tarba Spya, Hasakah, Darbasiyah, Amuda, Tel Tamar, Sira Kanieh, Jal Agha, Tall Abyad / Gry spy and Manbij.

“Because of all this international silence about these attacks, especially human rights organizations, their silence is proof of their desire to undermine the gains of Rojava revolution,” said Sobhane Kousa citizen . “But whatever the intensity of these attacks, we will remain steadfast and will not abandon our land.”

“The Turkish army and its mercenaries attacked peaceful and democratic Afrin district that welcomed hundreds of thousands of civilians from all areas of Syria. The Turkish occupation army is continuing its attacks, This time on the Kobani and Tall Abyad / Gry spy in order to block the campaign of the Syrian Democratic forces to mercenaries urged in last pocket in Deir al-Zour and must the world countries to show a position in front of these attacks.