The self-administration allows the coalition’s Kurdish National Council parties to open their offices without permission

 Kurdistan National Conference- Rojava said that unlicensed parties can now open their offices in a move toward Kurdish rapprochement. The National Conference is a recently formed committee to achieve unity of the Kurdish position on crucial issues in the light of developments in the US withdrawal and Turkey’s threats to invade the eastern Euphrates.

The committee of Kurdistan National Conference- Rojava held a press conference in Qamishli city in the presence of numerous local and international media.

During the conference, a member of administrative body of the Kurdistan National Conference- Rojava Abdel Karim Omar, said that they had met with the democratic self-administration and agreed on some points. Omar said it was agreed to allow unlicensed parties in northern and eastern Syria to open their offices in the area.

Omar called on all media to carry out their tasks of pressuring public opinion, “being at a historical stage, there are many entitlements and great challenges, and an opportunity that could not be returned.”

“There is no pressure from any international part,” Omar said, adding that “during the visits of the self-management delegation in north and east Syria to Moscow, and I was among them, no international part asked us and no international part required us to agree with the Kurds or to meet with another part until the Kurds are represented in the international forums “.

“The national unity is an urgent public demand, and this is our demand as Kurdistan National Conference  since the beginning of the crisis,  and in the consultation meetings in 2017, also with the aim of holding a Kurdistan National Conference,” Omar said. Our attempts are still going to unite and arrange the Kurdish house. “

Omar said they agreed with the Executive Council of Self-Administration, “to release political prisoners as well.”
“As a Kurdistan National Conference , we will try once, twice, third times and tenth times, and we will visit the political parties,” Omar said at the end of his speech. We do not follow any political party, we are a Kurdish umbrella. “

chairman of the Legislative Council in Al-Jazeera,  Hakam Khalo said through a satellite talk show on Ronahi TV on Friday evening that the self-administration will remove the parties law and fold to create the atmosphere for the return of unlicensed parties to engage in political activity and to provide ground for the start of Kurdish- Kurdish dialogue.

The leader of  Kurdistan Yekiti party Badran Misto also welcomed this initiative’s no his Facebook account, saying: This is a positive step in the right direction and needs to be operationalized practically on the ground, whether the parties agree or not, to establish a kind of trust and confidence in between them which will have positive results in the future.
Decision No. 1/

Based on the national interest and in response to the initiative of Kurdistan National Conference to create conditions and climates for Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and unify the national position on all issues, the Political parties Affairs Committee decided the following.

1. Allow unauthorized parties by the self-administration to open their offices.

2. Stakeholders must abide by its content.

3. The decision shall be published in all media and be considered effective on 5/1/2019 .

Political Parties Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council for self-management