Assaulting Kurdish students at a school in Afrin

Today group of students assault , from the eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside,  to a Kurdish student at high school “Faisal Kadour” in Afrin city , and they launched insults and abusive statements by denying the Kurds and inciting them to kill or expel them …

One student of the settlements continued to insult the Kurds in racist terms and insult them and accuse them of murder, displacement and employment … and that they should be expelled from Afrin and then formed a gang and assaulted them and promise their families and their factions and Turkey ..

The incident was not the first students from Afrin complained about the “settlers” who were deported to Afrin city . Dozens of settlers demonstrated against school system and demanded separation of males from females.

Other settlers attacked al-Ghouta school under the pretext that the school abused Islamic religion. The school was surrounded and attacked and the members of local council were attacked and steal offices contents and later on they took decision to fire away the teacher it’s been figure out  that the teacher was from Alawin ethnic  .