Afrin: People were Kidnapped and Their Pictures had been Sent to their Sons Demanding Financial Ransoms

Turkish supported Syrian factions have attacked the village of Khelnirah in Mahmoudly neighborhood of Afrin City. They have arrested a group of young guys. One of this group is called “Khalid Nouri Seido” 36-old and was taken to unknown side.

The reason of kidnapping is demanding money. Prior to this, his brother-in-law, named Fawzi Seido, was been kidnapped a month ago as well.

Also, there was another civilian kidnapping, named Ahmad Sheikho, after these factions` incursion the village of Kurdo in Bulbulah district of Afrin city.

Furthermore, the Islamic Factions have started the act of transmigration on the family of “ Jamal Bakir ” by using force. Their house was located in Marwaniya village of Shiya district in Afrin, and it was moved to be a headquarter in addition to displacing family of “ Nouri” to turn their house to a mosque.

Recently, the factions have started to kidnap civilians, recording them and sending their videos and pictures to their families in Europe. The families were blackmailed and were asked for financial amounts reached 15,000 USD otherwise the kidnapped were to be killed and be tortured. These factions hide their faces and identities acting as gangs not factions army to keep suspicions away. And of course this kind of actions are being done by their leaders as well as their partnerships.