Mohammed, Jum’a lost sight due to Turkish bombardment

The 5th of March left painful incidents for the lives of the two children Mohammed and Jum’a Abdul Qader who lost sight in the result of the bombing of the Turkish occupation’s warplanes. Now, they are waiting for receiving the medical treatment and assistance.

The Turkish attacks on Afrin canton and its people exceeded all limitations as the villagers were forced to leave their homes, and dozens of children lost organs of their bodies, among them the two children Mohammed Abdul Qader and Jum’a Abdul Qader who lost their sight.

Barbaneh village incident

On March 5, 2018, the families of the two children Mohammed Abdul Qader who is at 13, and Jum’a Abdul Qader who is 4 years old left their homes in the village of Ashunah in Bulbul district.

The two families decided to go to Afrin city to stay there at one of the relatives there, but what happened on the way was painful. It has not been written for the two families to reach Afrin safely as when they arrived on a small vehicle carrying about 15 people; women, children and men to the junction of Barbaneh village of Rajo, they were targeted by the Turkish occupation’s warplanes.

As a result of the shelling, an old woman from Zerku village, a child from Ashunah village and an unidentified man lost their lives, while three girls were injured, and the two children Mohammed Abdul Qader and Jum’a Abdul Qader were seriously injured.

Mohammed and Jum’a lost their sight

The two children Mohammed and Jum’a who are still small did not know that their fate would be so painful as the child Mohammed Abdul Qader’s right leg was broken, burns scattered in his face and shrapnel spread in parts of his body in addition to losing his sight. And the child Jum’a Abdul Qader also did not survive the bombardment that deprived him of his sight.

The two children Mohammed and Jum’a Abdul Qader were transferred by the Kurdish Red Crescent to Aleppo to receive the medical treatment at the university’s hospital. They stayed there for more than a week. Their aunt who lives in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo took care of them because the two families had to stay in Afrin at the time.

Eight months after the injury of the two children Mohammed Abdul Qader and Jum’a Abdul Qader, the effects of wounds still remain on their bodies, and they are receiving the medical treatment with hope to be healed.

According to the doctors in Aleppo city, Mohammed needs an operation in the eye to recover his sight, and the operation cost an amount of 900,000 SP while Mohammed’s family does not have the ability to pay the amount.

As for the burns on Mohammed’s face, the doctors said that they could not do the operation for him but after 18 years old.

The child Mohammed Abdul Qader said to ANHA agency, “I have been living with my aunt since eight months after I was sent to the university’s hospital. I lived hard days with the pain of burns away from my family, and I wish to have an operation for my eyes and to be supported.”

Mohammed still lives on the painful events he witnessed in Barbanah village and rejects the idea of ​​returning to his village saying, “I will not go home as long as the mercenaries are there because they kill the civilians.”

Jum’a… On social media

The story of Jum’a Abdul Qader who lost his eyes circulated on the social media sites through the photos and video as he appealed to the pioneers of social communication to help the child, and received a great response.

Despite what Afrin people suffered from pain and torture at the hands of the Turkish occupation, especially the Kurds, Erdogan comes out every now and then and says that he does not target the Kurds..!

It is noteworthy that during the Turkish attacks, the aircrafts bombed the house of Mohammed Abdul Qader’s family, and destroyed it completely.