Farhad Mardi: We stick to our land; we will not back down from our goals

The Kurdish artist and poet Farhad Mardi, who was injured in the bombing of a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation army, said that the Turkish attacks will not discourage them from holding on to their land and will not discourage them.

Mardi, who is currently receiving treatment, told ANHA’s agency about the attack that targeted their car yesterday, Friday, in the countryside of Tirbespiyê, in Qamishlo canton.

The Turkish drone attack resulted in the martyrdom of a citizen and the injury of two others, including Farhad Mardi.

Mardi wished a speedy recovery to the wounded, and offered his condolences to the family of the citizen who was martyred in the air strikes. Mardi said, “Comrade Dirar was with me when the bombing occurred and he was martyred. Dirar was driving the car. Comrade Dirar was from a respectable family. We were going to work, but the attack caused the martyrdom of Dirar. I send my condolences to his family.”

Mardi pointed out to the occupied Turkish state’s goals from these attacks, “The Turkish state does not target the fighters only, but everyone, the occupying state wants to create confusion in the ranks of society.”

The injured Kurdish poet continued, “The Turkish state will not achieve its goals. The attacks will not push us to retreat from the promises we made to our people. We are committed to our land and we have a will unbreakable.”