Turkish forces and Syrian-backed militias violations in May 2019

Turkish forces and Syrian-backed militias violations in May 2019:
37 civilians were killed, 9 children, incl 2 cases under torture
18 explosions / mines, detonators
93 were arrested, incl 9 torture cases
9 ransom claims & abduction 

*130 civilians were injured, incl 9 kids as a result of raids on homes, explosives, or as a result of being beaten by armed groups.
*11 bombardments, leaving 8 injured civilians and killing 3 others.
*20 clashes between factions within the cities 

*2 civilians were dead on the border, incl 9 injuries
*22 private properties were turned to prisons, military bases or mosques
*4 private properties were burned
*7 houses were demolished
*1 school was turned to military headquarter 

*14 demonstrations against the Turkish presence in Syria
*5 bodies were found on roadsides
*Robbing cases at checkpoints or from civilian homes; 5 cases in al-Bab, 5 in Jarabulus, 3 in Azaz, and 19 cases in Afrin (4/5)

* burning trees and forests expanded to include 23 villages in Afrin and 2 villages in al-Bab and 1 village in Azaz

مركز توثيق الانتهاكات في شمال سوريا