Tukey bombed and destroyed 6 hospitals in Syria

Since 2018, Turkey has targeted and destroyed total of 6 hospitals and another 4 medical points resulting in the death of more than 27 people and the injury of more than 50 people

In this report, we list the hospitals that were destroyed and taken out of service as a direct result of the Turkish attacks, in addition to attacks that affected medical staff, paramedics, and patients in the hospitals.

January 23, 2018
Turkish forces targeted the Kurdish Red Crescent ambulance in the Jindires area, resulting in the serious injury of its crew.

February 2, 2018
Turkey targeted a medical point of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the Rajo area near Afrin. This led to the severe injury of 3 people who were being transferred from the medical point to the Afrin Hospital. One of the injured individuals was the ambulance driver. The victims include Mohammed Ali (who lost his leg), his wife, and the driver.

February 5, 2018
The Turkish forces targeted again a medical point of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the Rajo area of the Afrin countryside, resulting in the injury of two people.

February 12, 2018
The Turkish forces once again targeted the medical point of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the Rajo area of the Afrin countryside.

March 16, 2018
16 people were killed, including two women, some of whom were patients receiving treatment in the hospital in addition to their relatives. This was a result of a Turkish airstrike that directly targeted the main hospital in the city of Afrin.

October 13, 2019
Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya militants executed 3 medical personnel, including two nurses, in the Suluk area in the countryside of the city of Tel Abyad, and then their bodies were thrown into the sewage drain. They are: (Media Bozan, Haven Khalil Al-Ibrahim, ambulance driver Muhammad Bozan Sidi).
The ambulance was ambushed by the aforementioned militants who penetrated the area under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence and the coverage of the Turkish Air Force.
The leader of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, Ahmed Ihsan Fayyad al-Hayes (Ahmed al-Hayes), participated in leading the attack and executing the three medics. He lives in Turkey and studies at one of its universities (Mardin University).

October 18, 2019
The Turkish forces bombed Ras al-Ain/ Serekaniye Hospital, which hosted dozens of wounded. It also targeted a convoy of civilians that was heading from the town of Tel Tamer to Ras al-Ain in an attempt to transport the wounded from the hospital. The bombing resulted in the death of 5 civilians and the injury of dozens.

October 13, 2019
A convoy of civilians were heading to Ras al-Ain to express their rejection of the Turkish invasion was bombed, causing dozens of civilian casualties.

December 4, 2021
A person was injured in an artillery shelling that targeted the vicinity of Omar Alloush Hospital in the city of Ain Issa in the countryside of Raqqa Governorate.

November 22, 2022
The Turkish forces targeted a hospital equipped for children with special needs, which was previously used to receive coronavirus patients in Kobani in the Aleppo countryside. The hospital was completely destroyed.

June 16, 2023
Turkey targeted Tel Rifaat Hospital in the northern countryside of Aleppo. The bombing caused a massive destruction of the hospital and the injury of 4 people, one of the medical staff and 3 patients.

October 6, 2023
Turkey targeted the Covid Hospital in the village of Gire Fara in the city of Derik in Al-Hasakah Governorate. The bombing led to the complete destruction of the hospital.

October 7, 2023
Turkey targeted the Ekur Hospital (Maternity Home) in the city of Kobani. The bombing led to the complete destruction of the hospital.