“Euphrates Shield” arrests 35 citizens coming from Turkey through Jarblous crossing

Civilians sources confirmed that  Center for Documentation of violations in northern Syrian in contact with them that the number of Euphrates Shield factions arrested during their entry into the Syrian territory through the crossing gate from Jarblous coming from Turkey reached 35 citizens since the beginning of this month.

Most of the detainees are those who wish to visit their relatives in ​​Kobani and Manbij areas.

The Syrian refugees from Turkey take Jarblous crossing to return to their city and visit their relatives, after obtaining the approvals from security authorities. They have been placed in Turkey, subjected to strict interrogation and they carry encrypted IDs, surveillance and follow-up by Turkish intelligence, his relations with the People’s Protection Units, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Democratic Union Party are either arrested or deported to Syria. However, civilians are being subjected to a second investigation at Jarblous crossing by armed Syrian factions. Most of those who wish to visit their relatives are elderly and are being blackmailed, threatened and detained.

” Border crossing administration of the Syrian border with Turkey,” Said that Eid holiday until now not decided and no decision was made regarding the attachment link. The administration of the crossing pointed out that so far no link has been identified for Eid al-Fitr holiday.

They denied all the news about the opening of the link, stressing that it was just rumors are not true.

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