Afrin: area IDPs in Afrin are increasingly suffering in camps

August 26, 2018

Afrin region people are suffering from displacement in Al-Shahba camps in Aleppo countryside , due to poor living conditions, spread of diseases, epidemics and lack of medicines.

The Kurdish Red Crescent organization appealed to international organizations and authorities to intervene to provide necessary support from medicines due to spread of diseases in those camps in Al Shahba areas in Aleppo countryside.

“Diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis E, and tuberculosis, especially among displaced people living in Berxadan and Sardam camps, are spreading because of lack of medicines in the camps treating these diseases,” Said Rashid Rashou, who have vision about health situation, a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent. “

“These patients are suffering from a lack of medicines for hepatitis A, hepatitis E and tuberculosis, so we urgently need medicines to reduce spread of these diseases,” Rasho added.

More than 75,000 Afrin displaced residents in temporary camps that are not fully equipped in Al-Shahba, in countryside of Aleppo, where they fled with start of Turkey’s military campaign, which ended with occupation of Afrin city. The number of displaced persons exceeded 25 thousand people in the camps (Favin, Tal Sawsan, Tal Qarah, Afrin).

The spread of hepatitis among Afrin displaced in Al Shahba area :

Hepatitis disease threatens the lives of more than 40 displaced people from Afrin province currently residing in Al Shahba area, with few medicines and medical equipment needed to treat this infectious disease. On 18 of March / last March, after Turkish occupation of Afrin city with help of Syrian armed groups previously fighting under Free Army flag attack ground and air widely killed evacuated more than 500 civilians and forced more than 200 thousand others to flee to Al Shahba province, they Live in difficult conditions in camps that lack minimal services or in temporary homes that do not require their basic needs.

Recently, hepatitis C has spread to more than 56 displaced people from Afrin, most of them are critical cases of type A, B, C / A, of which 27 are infected and 23 are b and c, 7 are women and 4 are children, which is a health disaster, ignored by relevant international organizations and complex Syrian war conditions.

A member of the Kurdish Red Crescent, who is aware of the health situation, Rashid Rashou, is suffering from lack of medicines for hepatitis A, hepatitis E and tuberculosis, so we urgently need medicines to reduce spread of these diseases. “

Rasho appealed to all organizations to provide medicines, saying they repeatedly called on them “but so far they have not received any support.”

Mustafa Sidu, a displaced person from A’adama village in Rajo district of Afrin province, who was forced to leave his village and go to Tal Shaer village in Favin district suffering from hepatitis. The disease is not confined to Sidu only, but his wife and three children were also injured amid fears of losing their lives due to lack of treatment and poor physical condition that causes them to be unable to buy treatment from outside the province.

The patient, Abdul Rahman, 8 years , and Salam, 3 years old, her seven-month-old daughter, Rohif, are children of Mustafa Sido.

Because of high cost of treatment, especially vaccine, which costs up to 75,000 SP, the family cannot afford it due to their poor financial status.

“Hepatitis has taken control of my family and I cannot provide treatment because of my difficult physical condition. I have no outside supplier and there is no possibility of treating them inAl Shahba province,” Sido said.

The Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in Al Shahba province , 48 cases of hepatitis in four types, according to the latest statistics.