Turkey seeks to improve its economy with olive Afrin

Turkey, which controlled Afrin region of northern Syria through Operation Olive Branch, exports olive products, which are popular in the region through state agricultural credit cooperatives.
Afrin production olives and olive oil will be sold by Turkey, where the Turkish agricultural credit cooperatives and local councils, which were entrusted by Turkey with the city’s administrative service, in addition to confiscated Syrian armed factions and olive picking.
Over the past few days, olive branch crossing opened in Afrin has entered work, in parallel with establishment of institutions to take over management of olive groves and olive Afrin famous and income from it.
Olive, olive oil and soap are produced in large areas in Afrin, where number of olive trees in Afrin exceeds 200 million.

Turkey has sent a delegation of Turkish traders close to government of justice and development with aim of going out with local councils and purchase of total oil and olives produced in the region, especially after decisions to ban exports to Syrian regime areas and Syrian Democratic forces areas. According to a special source in local council of Afrin, traders told councils to determine purchase price, which is oil / 16 kg fixed price $ 34, or 16320 Syrian pounds.
Olive oil revenues in the international market are about $ 200 million annually, move comes as confirmed by newspaper “Azaman Turkish” at a time when Turkey suffers from an economic crisis because of rise in dollar and experts confirm that these measures came to improve the Turkish economic situation.