Because of violations resignations of the “local councils” in Afrin

Ahmed Hussein announced the resignation from presidency of local council in Sheikh El Hadid area in Afrin through his page via Facebook without mentioning the reasons …

Turkey has set up seven local councils to run Afrin city, oversaw selection of its members and has been run by a Turkish representative of Hatay / Iskenderun governor.

It controls Shih / Sheik al-Hadid district, northwest of Aleppo, near Turkish border. According to 2004 census, Suleiman Shah faction is known as “Al a ’amashat” according to faction leaders. It also commits daily violations of population of region and its villages. It also killed 2 citizens, including Council former president, Ahmed Sheikho, in his prisons under torture. .

Only 20 percent of indigenous population lives in the area. The displaced were prevented from returning after Turkey’s control it on 18 March 2018. Thousands of families of armed and displaced people from Ghouta were resettled in the area, as well as their land, orchards and homes.