Deterioration of health of Yazidi civilian detained by gunmen in the prison of Afrin

September 7, 2018

Yazidi family, Abdo Qazqli Hasso, 30 years , from Jqlali Jum village related to Jandrisah in Afrin, reported the deterioration of health of their son, who was detained for more than four months by the Turkish-Syrian groups in the Sejou prison in Izzaz.

“Abdo Qazqli Hassou” His health deteriorated as a result of torture, he suffered during four months, according to sources from inside the prison.

The Yazidis in Afrin are particularly vulnerable to serious and multiple violations, where they are forced to “Islam” and pray in homes of civilians, who have been taken over and turned into mosques. Where Yazidi citizenship “Fatima Hmki” 66 years on 27/6/2018 was killed by a bomb thrown at her house. In addition, Yazidi citizen Omar Mamoo Shamo was executed on the ground with direct gunfire on his head, there are other similar cases.