After changing the names of the public squares in Afrin: factions begin to name the villages in Turkish

August 25, 2018

The Turkish forces and their Syrian factions in Afrin began changing the signs at the entrances to the villages and towns of Afrin. A sign at the entrance to the village of Qustal Mekdad in the area of Bulbulah district was removed and replaced by another after the Turkish name “Seljuk Obasi” to enter it within the framework of the demographic change practiced by Turkey in the region.

Several names of other villages were also changed in the area of Bulbul in Afrin as part of a project aimed at imposing Turkish names on the whole area, where the name of the village of Kotana was changed to the Turkish name Zafer Obasi and the village of Karzila became the name of Dja’ar Obasi.

In mid-July, the Syrian factions loyal to Turkish stateraided and destroyed civilian houses in the village in order to prevent civilians from returning to their villages.