Aleppo clans: Are areas Turkey occupied safe even demanding to oversee buffer zone?

Al-Shahba clans’ notables have rejected establishing buffer zone under supervision of the Turkish occupation which is supporting terrorism saying: Are the areas occupied by Turkey safe to demand control on the buffer zone? Stressing their readiness to defend and protect their areas from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with clans’ notables about the threats and attacks by Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against north and east of Syria.

Sheikh Nadima Sadeq of Danadana clan confirmed in his speech that all the occupied areas in the north of Syria by the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries lack security and stability, there is looting and stealing of the money of civilians and kidnapping and blocking roads and others, and said: How can the Turkish occupation oversee a buffer zone while unable to maintain security in the areas occupied since years?

Sheikh Sadeq noted that Turkey occupies the Syrian territories under the pretext of fighting terrorism, even though Turkey itself supports all mercenary and terrorist gangs in Syria and tries to create strife among the Syrian people. He added: “If Turkey really aims to fight terrorism, why did not the International Coalition participate in fighting IS mercenaries, when it controlled on North Syria, and now, after liberating the region from IS, Turkey showed to threaten North Syria.”

“We as al-Shahba clans we are ready to defend our land from any occupier and we will fight until the occupiers and mercenaries are expelled from our regions,” he said.

As for one of the notables of Kitkan clan in al-Shahba canton Yasser Sheikho expressed their rejection of the threats of the Turkish occupation to north and east Syria “The threat of North Syria is a threat to all the peoples of the region, because the goal of Turkey is to revive the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the blood of our peoples, and we as a Syrian people stand united and respond to all attacks and threats on our regions.”