Turkish Forces Arrest 12 People from Two Camps in Afrin Area and Impose a Curfew

August 14, 2018

Turkish forces, accompanied by fighters from the “Sham Corps” and “Army of Victory” raided the camps of Deir Balut and Muhammadiyah in Afrin area (43 km north-west of Aleppo) in northern Syria and arrested 12 people, during a campaign they said was against the drug trade.

Documented information The “Documentation Center” arrived at the identity of the detainees and that they were part of a group that planned and participated in organizing protest vigils against the administration of the two camps and accused them of corruption, nepotism and employment.

The campaign came a day after the residents demonstrated in protest against the bad services provided to them and demanding the dismissal of the administration of the two camps, resulting in confrontations, ended after the intervention of “Free Police”.