A protest against forced conscription in Manbij region

At a protest against forced conscription in Manbij region yesterday, a civilian was killed and 3 other wounded by NES security forces.

As per an official statement by tribal sheikhs, the security forces opened fire when they were attacked by “enemy” elements among the crowd.

The statement furthermore said that the tribal elders had met with the Manbij Civil & Military Council & security forces in the wake of the protests to push for the protestors’ demands.

Last night, the Manbij Civil Administration imposed a 48h curfew on the region.

They furthermore announced a 3 point plan agreed by all parties:

  1. Renewed discussion re military conscription
  2. Freeing of those arrested
  3. Establishing a committee to investigate recent events

Conscription has been halted across NES while discussions continue.

In a new press statement, the AANES’s Council for the Tribes called for peace & blamed the Damascus government for “wanting to quell unrest in Manbij in the wake of the election, to destabilize the region.”