Armed factions are planning to seize the olive season in Afrin

Armed factions loyal to Turkey are preparing to take over the olive season in Afrin. That’s happened during a discussion at a meeting of factions leaders dealt with the distribution of land between their groups and how to reap the fruits.
Where the leader named “Ahmed Issa” in “Rajo” meet with the elements and leaders of the groups and they agreed to take over the olive season which belongs to the civilians. They also identified locations they wanted to seize. The lands is located between the villages of Sheik Bilal, Jaglemah, Kore, Haj Khalil and eastern of the Rajo road. The groups in Quta, Berkashaa, Bibakaa and Khalilaka villages in Bilbila area are also move to seize the season.
It should be noted that they intimidate the people to prevent them from resisting to seizure their seasons and threaten them to kill and commit massacres by expanding their network of customers in the region. While many people deal with them for personal gain.
In addition, villagers were told to pay half of their crop under the name of “supporting the revolution”. “We will take your seasons for the continuation of the revolution.” one of the gunmen told people of Aranda village in Shih.
Turkey has reduced the salaries of mercenaries, to pay mercenaries for more of looting, theft and kidnapping of citizens for ransom payment.
It is worth mentioning that the Turkish army and armed loyalists to them seized and looted thousands hectares of wheat and barley crops owned by the people of Afrin. They collected it in the wheat silos in Sharan and then transferred to Turkey.