Turkish gendarmerie continues to kill Syrians on the border

August 2, 2018
Turkish border guards “Gendarme” continue to kill Syrian refugees and displaced persons on the Turkish-Syrian border.
Where Turkish border guards killed a young man from the eastern Ghouta refugee camp in Damascus while trying to escape from specter of death and security chaos, shot by the Turkish border guards, as well as killing of a young man from the al-Lujat area in Dara’a while trying to cross from Idlib province.
At least 398 civilians of people killed since 2011 by gendarmerie forces, including 74 children under the age of 18, and 36 women over age of 18.
The number of casualties resulting from targeting of the Turkish border guards continued to rise, following killing of more Syrians who tried to escape from death. They were killed by Turkish bullets. Two Syrians were killed in the past days, one from southern Hama countryside and other from Damascus countryside by Turkish guards border, in addition to injury of three others from the Damascene countryside.
In addition to injury of hundreds by Turkish gendarmerie forces in targeting Syrians who fled from military operations in their areas, towards places where they can find safety. A week ago, Turkish soldiers killed three people, including a child, a citizen and a young man. They were displaced from Deir al-Zour and Damascus in al-Dariyah border area west of Idlib as they tried to cross towards Iskenderun city .
Many of videos show the Turkish border guards assaulting young Syrians and Syrian citizens after they were arrested while attempting to cross the border, where border guards beat and insulted them.
Human Rights Watch called for a “ban on forcible returns” to Syrian refugees, stressing that “Turkey should allow thousands of desperate Syrians seeking asylum to cross the border.”
Human Rights Watch criticized Turkey for using “lethal force” against Syrian refugees trying to cross into its territory, and called on Ankara to stop forcibly returning them and opening the border to them.
The Turkish border guards have caused dozens of deaths in recent months.
“Turkish border guards with Syria is block with concrete walls , they shooting fire randomly and collectively return Syrian asylum seekers trying to cross into Turkey,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement.
“Syrians fleeing to the Turkish border in search for safety and asylum are forced to return shot and bad treated again,” the statement quoted by deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch as saying.
The organization quoted that refugees who had succeeded in crossing into Turkey that Turkish border guards had shot at them , they had been beaten, detained and privatized from medical assistance.
“The Turkish government should issue unified instructions to border guards at all crossing points not to use lethal force against asylum seekers,” the organization said, stressing that “no asylum seeker should be mistreated.”
The displaced people are on a dangerous journey before reaching safer areas. Some said they were paying smugglers up to $ 8,000 a person for Turkey.”The conditions in Syria are not safe for the return of refugees,” the organization stressed.