Shops arms spread in Afrin

August 2, 2018
In Afrin city , shops for arms sale and military equipment have been openly opened. attached photo shows opening of a store in the Syrian Red Crescent building, where all military equipment is sold.
“All the shops that have been opened are protected by Islamic factions that were called Free Army,” he said to Yazidin website “They do not dare to buy hunting gun to protect themselves and their homes. They will be immediately accused of being cells belonging to the People’s Protection Units( YPG), while Arab settlers and displaced persons residing in the Afrin area are buying and carrying weapons openly without being prevented, unlike Kurdish civilians.
” All types of bullets and all individual weapons are sold without exception, in addition to military uniform, machine guns, grenades and masks, openly and on neck eyes of Turkish army. The recently opened shop also posted a sign reading “Hindawi for Military Supplies” in bold.

محلات لبيع الأسلحة في عفرين والزبائن فقط من المستوطنين ايزدينا Ezdina.jpg