Take action for Protect farmers from the sniping of Turkish border guards

As the economic situation in Syria deteriorates, the threat of famine increases and the risk of the coronavirus is still present, Turkish soldiers are increasingly targeting farmers on the Syrian-Turkish border. There is currently hardly any cultivation of crops in the villages of northeastern Syria where the Turkish bullets reach.

Although northeast Syria is considered a “safe zone” during the ongoing war in Syria, most villagers on the border with Turkey live in constant anxiety and fear due to repeated attacks by the Turkish army on anyone passing through the area. In particular, farmers are now worried about their lands, not daring to start the growing season even despite the current risk of famine.

Muhayuddin Abdulrazak, a 53-year-old Syrian Kurdish citizen from the village of Derna Aghi in Hasakah governorate, lost his life as a result of being targeted by a sniper bullet by Turkish border guards.

Muhyiddin was working to plow and water the vegetables on his land, 400 meters from the Turkish border. While working the land and driving his farm tractor with his son, he was sniped without warning on Sunday, May 17, 2020, at 3:30 p.m. He was taken to Kerki leki hospital and died a few minutes later.

Muhayuddin Abdulrazak was father to three boys and nine girls and relied on agriculture as a primary source of income to sustain his family. This horrific incident, in addition to being a tragedy for this family and children, has spread panic and fear among the villagers.

The death of Muhayuddin Abdulrazak was not the first or last incident where Turkish border guards target villagers deliberately, increasing fear and instability for the citizens of villages bordering Turkey and adversely affecting food security in all of Syria.

  • Move with us to stop the deliberate targeting of citizens and farmers by Turkish border guards in villages adjacent to the Syrian-Turkish border and to hold the perpetrators accountable.
  • Call on your governments to press the Turkish authorities to stop repeated targeting of unarmed citizens and farmers in villages adjacent to its southern border.

Cal on the United States and Russia to put an end to violations in border areas, whether agricultural lands or civilian villages, as they are the main guarantors in coordination with the Turkish authorities.

  • Open up spaces and secure freedom of movement for citizens and farmers to work on their lands and do their jobs as long as they do not pose any significant danger on the Turkish border.