Difficult humanitarian conditions for displaced in Shahba areas

The number of deaths from Afrin people displaced to areas of Al-Shahba due to lack of medicines and medical equipment and absence of adequate relief support by organizations. (Mohammad Sheikho), administrator at Afrin Hospital appealed to organizations and concerned authorities to introduce medical devices and supplies to reduce deaths while hundreds of patients are awaiting urgent treatment.
Despite intense activity Kurdish Red Crescent and the provision of more support and assistance, income was not enough with the large numbers of refugees.
(Avrin Hospital) located in the area of ​​Vavin is only one that provides health services and treatment of patients but is not equipped with necessary equipment and facilities.

Sheikho pointed out that they face a lot of difficulties, that they are unable to absorb and treat all the sick conditions, some of which end with death, because treatment is out our medical capabilities due to lack of medicines.

Sheikho said, “We need to take many patients to Aleppo for treatment. We have 30 patients with cancer who need doses as soon as possible, 27 patients with tuberculosis, seven patients with thalassemia and 450 patients waiting to be approved to go to places where medical services are available. “He said.

It is worth mention that inability to treat and lack of medicines caused loss their lives so far (one child one year old his name is Perm Dada, Salah Ibrahim, 45 years old, Salah Mohammed, 56 years old, Mariam Abdu, 15-year-old For).