Video:Another young man was tortured in a prison run by Turkish-controlled factions in northern Syria

Muhannad Diab al-Qassem from Homs northern countryside , was killed by “Military Police” in Jarblous area in northeastern part of Aleppo city in north of Syria under Turkish control.

The young man from town Talf in province of Hula in southern Hama villages connected in the northern Homs countryside was working as a “laboratory assistant doctor.”

Activists filmed video footage of the young man’s body after torture on Monday (February 4th) and said that the “military police” working in Jarblous was responsible for the killing.

Ahmed Abra, a relative of the young man in the northern Aleppo countryside, said that Muhannad was arrested by the “Military Police” at  A,aoun al-Daddat checkpoint during his visit from the northern Homs countryside on January 21, handed over his body to his family on 1 February.

This is not the first case of torture and the killing of detainees. The number of those killed under torture in the prisons of the Turkish-controlled factions has so far reached 14 murders under torture.

The incident comes days after the killing of Mohammed Said al-Atar, from  Qusayr town in countryside of Homs by the security committee in “Al sham corps ” in Aleppo countryside .

Over the past years, many military factions have recorded attacks and abuses against civilians or military personnel in other factions, especially in Idlib.

The latest attacks on media activist Bilal Srouil were carried out last December after 72 hours of arrest by Sultan Murad faction in Afrin related to National Army.

In October, the leader Nayef Alwain, who descended from the neighborhood of Baba Amr in Homs city, was shot dead by his friends in the security of “Levant Corps” as a result of a dispute erupted in Afrin region.

In January 2018, the young Mohammed Amin Hassan (Prem), 23 years old , was killed in the prisons of Hamas-backed Hamzat faction which controls village of Basota as a result of beatings and torture after his abduction more than six months ago from his village of Kafr Safra.

The head of local council in Shih town, Ahmad Sheikho, was killed in a prison run by “Amashat”, or Suleiman Shah faction and forced his family to shoot a video denying the crime.

Dr. Adnan Bustan Kurdi was severely tortured after being kidnapped by masked gunmen and asking his relatives for $ 10,000 to release him. The group was a member of Corps of Glory and a collaborator of Al sham Corps and was transferred to a prison in its headquarters in Akabs square in Rajo district, northwest of Afrin. This headquarters is called the Second Palestine Branch, the Syrian intelligence.