SDF respond to Turkish Defense claims: “We did not conduct any operation in the Turkish occupied areas.”

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has announced that it had killed six fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the previous two days in the areas occupied by the Turkish military and its proxy, the National Army.
In turn, many pro-Syrian opposition media outlets, backed by Turkey, reported that news from the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The “News-Verified” platform has contacted special sources from the SDF to find out the circumstances of the operation. Those sources denied the news, and explained that their units had not carried out any operations during the previous two days in the areas “Occupied by Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian militias.”

While yesterday, on Monday, the ISIS group has claimed through some close publishers, the assassination of a commander within the Syrian Democratic Forces in the town of Diban, 50 km east of Deir ez-Zor province, eastern Syria.

The media center of the Hajin Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces has published on its official page a statement in which it stated: “Unidentified gunmen targeted the car of the commander from the SDF, Adham al-Abes, in the town of Diban, which led to his death and the injury of three of his companions.”