After its graves were bulldozed … the Turkish-backed faction (Al-Mu’tasim Division) turns a cemetery in the town of Ras Al-Ai n into a military base

Even the dead in their graves have not been spared from the violations of the Syrian armed groups affiliated with and supported by Turkey, as these militants continue to exhume graves, and vandalize cemeteries, religious shrines, places of worship, centers and sacred symbols with the aim of obliterating local memory and social identity, and history after they displaced their residents, kidnapping, arresting and threatening the few Of those who decided to stay home.
The last of the violations related to the violation of the sanctity and sanctity of cemeteries, especially the “Graves of the Martyrs” is the fact that the (Mu’tasim Division), one of the factions that forms a main arm of the Turkish intelligence in Syria, bulldozed the “martyrs cemetery” in the town of Ras al-Ain / Seri Kani, and turned it into a military headquarters belonging to the faction. The faction has previously documented hundreds of accusations against its members of kidnapping citizens, torturing them, and seizing their homes.
Factions loyal to Turkey exhume graves in search of citizens who managed to die before their arrest
The armed factions loyal to Turkey, which control Afrin and the cities of northern Syria, continue to demolish and exhume cemeteries, shrines and religious centers in Afrin, regardless of the feelings of the people, most of whom were displaced with the Turkish incursion into the city in Aleppo countryside in northern Syria. The latest information that we received, documented in the video, revealed that the Turkish-backed militants in the National Army / Syrian Coalition continue to demolish and destroy cemeteries in the city of Afrin, as they stormed a cemetery in the town of Jenderes Afrin on May 5, 2020 and exhumed, looted and destroyed a number of its graves amid slogans of takbeer. Citizens from Afrin commented on the incident, which is being repeated in several regions, and includes even the holy religious shrines, especially for the Yazidis, that these factions are apparently trying to arrest the bodies of citizens who died, during and before their attack on the city before they were able to arrest them while they were alive, especially since There are thousands of Afrin residents who are alive and absent in their prisons. Comments began circulating about the news of storming cemeteries, exhuming and sabotaging them, so another wrote, “It seems that the Turkish factions feel resentful of the graves being turned into safe havens for the bodies of many citizens wanted on the charge that they pose a threat to national security. Al-Turki, and they did not go to fight in Libya within the ranks of the National Army …… ”.
Here is a list of the most important archaeological sites that have been excavated, bulldozed and stolen:
1- Ain Dara temple. The city of Afrin, classified on the list of UNESCO
2- The Prophet Hori. Sharan classified on the list of UNESCO
3- Sheikh Hamid shrine in Qastal Jindo – Sharan
4- Pavlon Shrine – sharan
5- Karat Juren Shrine – Sharan
6- Sinka Village Shrine – Sharan
7- Sheikh Hanan shrine near Mashula. Sharan
8- Sarah Qayzeh Shrine – Khelnera – Afrin
9- Abd al-Rahman shrine near the village of Kani Kawarka, Janderes Road
10- Isca village shrine – Janders
11- The Nabi Hori Theater – sharan
12- Shekhmus shrine in Kaunda – Rajo.