In Afrin, they arrested entire families unknown fate of families who were kidnapped by the national army two years ago

June 16, 2020
Armed groups supported by Turkey continue to carry out more arrests and kidnappings of civilians, with increased rates of violence, crime, arrest and kidnapping in the Afrin region and in the general areas controlled by the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria.
Turkish forces and the Syrian armed armed groups supported by them continue to commit more violations and do not heed calls to stop the daily raids, arrest and kidnap citizens out of ransom, prevent their families from knowing where they are detained or its reasons, reject their offer to trial and prevent them from hiring a lawyer.
In the April 2020 area of ​​Afrin, 60 people were arrested, and in May, 41 people were arrested, and we were able to document their names, while the actual number is more than that, especially since there are names whose families have kept mentioning them, in addition to cases of arrests that we could not reach. To them, as well as the documentation and documentation of the killing of civilians under torture, and multiple cases of violations, as well as the exposure of more than 24 detainees to torture, and recorded 3 cases of death under torture, and two cases of killing the elderly.
And it became prevalent in this region, daily organized looting, the seizures of people’s homes and properties, olive seasons, logging, etc. in addition to the daily arbitrary arrests, kidnapping people as hostages in exchange for financial ransom, and restricting the population.
Chaos the military and dozens of terrorist groups, is a deliberate Turkish politician; However, it is carried out in the hands of the “Syrian armed groups” under the name “Syrian National Army” affiliated to the Syrian Provisional Government / Coalition, all of this takes place under the eyes and participation of Turkish forces.
These groups are led by security and military agencies established by Turkey in the region. They are both the commander of the military police in Afrin (Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Hammadin / Abu Riyadh). The former police chief Rami Tlass was removed on April 2 – and the commander of the Political Security Branch in Afrin (Muhammad Raji ), The civil police chief in Afrin (Muhannad Al-Hussein), his deputy (Amer Al-Muhammad), the three legionary commanders of the National Army (Moataz Raslan), (Mahmoud Al-Baz), (Abu Ahmed Nour) and (Haitham Al-Afisi) in addition to dozens of leaders of the armed groups deployed and officials Barriers, villages, and neighborhoods, where the city of Afrin was divided into multiple separate areas of control, and each faction in the region, the commanding ruler, has its own prisons and its own laws.
In Afrin, they arrest entire families … … unknown fate of families who were kidnapped by the national army two years ago
Apart from the cases of individual arrests, during the storming of villages and towns, the National Army factions arrested entire families, the father and the sons, and from these cases we mention three cases that we documented in pictures and video:

On September 12, 2018, gunmen from the (Syrian National Army) raided a house in the village of Jouqa / Mobata district and arrested a whole family members: Abd al-Mannan Manla Muhammad ibn Taher, 65 years old, Tahir Manla Muhammad ibn Abd al-Mannan, 23, Rukan Manla Muhammad girl Abd al-Manan 27 One year, Kawa Jamal Omar, a 25-year-old husband, Muhammad Manla Muhammad bin Abdul Karim … A number of them were found in Al-Hamzat prison in Afrin, after being stormed by demonstrators from (Eastern Ghouta) and others were detained in the Agricultural Prison in the city of Al-Bab