Displaced people accuse Turkey of seeking to settle them in Afrin

Representatives of displaced offices in Afrin accused the Turkish government for settling them in the Afrin area, which they had been forced to leave under reconciliation agreements sponsored by Turkey and Russia.

Displaced representatives considered that the closure of their offices by Turkey is a step aimed at obliterating the Syrian identity and annexing the displaced persons in the areas in which they reside. It also aims at settling displaced and establishing the mentality of dispossessing the displaced from their association with their areas and their right to return.

Representatives of the offices called for demonstrations against the Turkish decision until return and open their offices in all ways and means.

Activists criticized the step taken by Turkey to close the offices of the displaced, considering that they are guests and that these areas, including Afrin is for their people …

“We as displaced from Damascus , Homs Al-Raqqa , Al dire Zour and Aleppo we have our areas that we will not give up and will not replace them even if they gave us Istanbul.

Activist Suleiman Abu Yassin wrote: “As one of sons of Homs province in Afrin I reject the decision of the Turkish leadership to close the offices of displaced in the olive branch areas, which aims to obliterate the Syrian identity and the displacement of displaced areas where they reside and idea of returning to their areas. I call on all the displaced in these areas to stand against these decisions “

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