With video.. A Syrian Citizen was Kicked by Feet of pro-Turkish Element.

With video..  A Syrian Citizen was Kicked by Feet of pro-Turkish Element.

A video released on some social media accounts and sites, Friday and Saturday, shows a group of elements that drag, hit, and kick a detainee, and then dragged him by a rope tied to a car.

“Violation Documentation Center in northern Syria” on Twitter, on its website, said the video was not known. It assured that the elements who are dragging, kicking, and torturing the Syrian citizen are affiliated to Pro-Turkey Syrian factions, and that the place of filming in Syrian territory is controlled by Ankara.

The video shows a number of elements, some of whom kicked the detainee, and one of them stepped on the man’s head and beat him with his foot.

A visible element in the video links the arrested Syrian to a car that is being dragged amid sand, dust and stones.

After the car stops, the elements come back beating the man, and a gunman appears on the arm of the Turkish flag drawn by some of the Syrian armed factions loyal to Ankara, intervening to end the situation, while the rest complements the torture and beatings of the man, without showing a firm stance to end torture, as the video shows.

The date of filming the video .. Armed men with a Turkish flag appear while they are dragging a detainee and dragging a rope tied to a car.

Video filmed in an area controlled by Turkey.

 Vdc-Nsy (@vdcnsy) May 10, 2019

In the video, which has not been verified, it appears that the man who is subjected to torture has knowledge to intervene to rid him of the violation.

The torture of the detainee was not finished, even after the car that was being tied with a rope stopped. Although he was moaning  from the intensity of the sensation of pain, fatigue and pain, some elements approached him, then directed more than kicked and kicked him on his head, neck and back.

The video, from which no voices are heard, shows that the tortured detainee tried to lift his back from the ground, and one of the elements kicked him on the neck and head from behind, more than once, to get the crumpled back on the ground in agony.

Moments after his downfall on the ground and the appearance of an intervening element, his tormentors come back on his head and neck, a person wearing a suit of sport begging to end the torture and beating, here an element wearing a military uniform on which the Turkish flag, a character kissed on the face of the element kicking the detainee on the head and neck, Try him to soothe him and satisfy him and then terminate the position.

While the Syrian citizen tries to rise again, some come and trample on the head again, amid other interference that appears to be acquaintances or relatives of men who try to end the separation of torture, kicking and kicking.

The video was published under the Hash tag (northern Syria) and was written under the title of a photograph in an area controlled by Turkey.

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