A woman accuses a leader of a Syrian faction related to Turkey raping her

A woman accuses a leader of a Syrian faction related to Turkey raping he
August 23, 2018
A woman was accused one of Syrian factions related to turkey in northern Aleppo located in northern Syria, was accused of raping her, and the latter appeared to deny her claim.

A documentary film showing Esraa Khalil recounting details of her rape by Abu A’amsha, commander of Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade, whose husband is fighting in her ranks said by Ahtimalt News foundation .

In an audio recording, Abu A’amsha denied the woman’s allegations and vowed to sued her and her husband.

It has spread on social media sites women’s video, which reveals that it has been repeatedly raped by Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade commander Mohammad al-Jassim (nicknamed Abu A’amsha), supported by Turkey.

“My husband is a member of the brigade, I wash clothes of brigade commander and his brothers and I feed them. Brigade commander brother was frequented us at home. What was Abu A’amsha to send my husband to Turkey and he broke into Our house was confiscated and weapons were taken to security. ”
“Abu A’amsha hit me and pulled me and raped me. I was pregnant for three months and threatened that if I told anyone that he had raped me, he would kill my husband and his brother.” Noting that “a lot of women were raped by Abu A’amsha in Sheikh Hadid area in Afrin countryside .”

The woman explained that “she was raped by Abu A’amsha again in the car.” Threatening to “slaughter her husband too”. As “raped by the third time on pretext of going to investigate.”

Many accusations have been made against leaders and fighters of the Turkish factions, which had previously fought under Free Syrian Army flag for abuses against civilians in areas they control north and east of Aleppo. Suleiman Shah Brigade is consider as worst human rights violation , they run secret prisons for torture and kidnapping of civilians A number of them were killed, including one of heads of local councils appointed by Turkey and was named Ahmed Sheikho, where he was killed under torture by “Abu A’amsha” elements .