Turkish troops target a border town east of the Euphrates

Turkish Border Guard troops targeted Tal Fender border village, 7 km west of Tal Abyad town north of Al-Raqqa.

According to “North Press” agency the residents of the Syrian village were shot by gendarmerie, which used Doshka weapon.

Civilians in the border villages and Syrian towns with Turkey suffer from repeated targeting by Turkish soldiers, which impedes their access to their lands and orchards for agriculture and farming .
The Turkish forces killed the girl / Sarah Mustafa on November 2, 2018 after shooting from the border ..
“The Turkish army targeted us with 20 bullets directly and then we managed to escape with our sheep,” said Hikmat Mohammed Othman, 45, of Tel Fender village.

He added that the Turkish targeting got sight of American soldiers present at their observation points, being very close to the village, “but they did not do anything .”

“Five years have passed and we have not planted anything on our lands, most of which are on the border,” Said Hikmat Mohammed Othman, who works and supports his family by farming the land.