Afrin: Turkey legitimizes demographic change through her local councils

The local council in Afrin that appointed by the Turkish state issued a circular to all property owners in Afrin to review the legal office in the council to complete the necessary legal procedures for their properties. The circular concerns property owners under the previous self-management contracts. The decision raised controversy because the majority of Afrin people are still outside of it, displaced in camps in Shahba area, or in Aleppo, or moved to Kobani and Al Cazira.
Attorney Khaki Ghbari warned of the seriousness of this step and pointed out that the paragraph «Complete the necessary legal procedures for their properties» considered “more dangerous than Law No. 10 issued by the Syrian regime” which legalized the seizure of property of the displaced and expatriates. He even considered that Law No. 10 “despite all the observations on it, but it is better than this circular, where he offered at least time for those who want to prove ownership of properties ».
Through his Facebook page, Al-Ghbari pointed out that “the circular is a clear violation of the rights of citizens and displaced. The circular opposes a number of laws concerning refugees and displaced people. It is included in the framework of demographic engineering, including demographic change in the region”.
Al-Ghbari called for international protection for Afrin. He said that Afrin is exposed to the most dangerous types of occupation by the external enemy, the mercenaries and terrorists. He called all Afrin people and its political parties to unity to resist occupation.