In conjunction with genocide anniversary : Turkish forces raiding Armenian houses in the middle of Al bab city

Syrian armed groups belonging to factions backed by Ankara, accompanied by armored vehicles flying Turkish flags, raided Armenian houses and shops in the northern city of Bab in Syria.
At least two people were injured in the raid, where house and shop of a man his Alias “Armenian” were defiled by his sect for trading arms.

Among the injured were Ali Qarandel and Mahmoud Khudair bin Mohammed, members of Northern Brigade, who led the raid.

The Armenian family was the only one to remain in the city after the Turkish forces took control, as dozens of Armenian families fled towards Aleppo and Manbij city during ISIS control .
Ottomans committed massacres against Armenian people in 1915 and caused of 1.5 million Armenians deaths, who were executed and killed and abuse with their bodies. Their wives were raped and exterminated, as Armenians said, quoting their ancestors who survived massacres and lived in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

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