Pro-Ankara factions continue to arrest 9 Kurdish language teachers in Afrin

The pro-Ankara factions continued to arrest nine teachers and teachers from Suleiman al-Halabi and Saleh al-Ali schools in Ashrafieh district in Afrin, including Suleiman al-Halabi school director named Rashid Birm amid information about their torture and hide any information about their loved ones.
The teachers were identified as: Ronahi Sheikh Abdi, Behzad Khalil, Khalil’s friend, Rania, Brivan, Nasreen.
All the teachers were teaching “Kurdish language” before Turkish control of Afrin area and their parents believe that was the reason for their arrest.
This is not the first time that teachers have been arrested and preceded by arrests in Ma’abtli area and harassment in Bulbul area, but have been the process of dismissal for them and was the attack and the separation of a school in addition to arrest of staff from the water company.
Most of those allowed to cross are retired residents of al-Ghouta, Homs, Hama, Idlib and from families of armed men who were settled in Afrin area during Turkish control before one years old .