Turkey takes first step to settle displaced in Afrin

Turkey informed all civilians councils it had set up in Afrin city and its villages to start issuing ID electronic cards to the displaced to the city in addition to new locals population identities.

The decision contains to open the “Department of Personal Status and identities in councils and started to impose all identities for all kind of societies in the cities and villages and towns are in around it and that including a real settles and replacements and theses identities will be in Arabic and Turkish languages and it will contacted to Department of Personal Status and identities Hatay province and Iskenderun ones .

This action will contribute to establishment of displaced people to Afrin city , as indigenous people in the city and most of them coming from eastern Ghouta, Homs and Hama countryside and Aleppo, where the Turkish invasion Afrin city displace about 350 thousand of its population and resettled thousands of displaced from Syrian cities ” Sectarian group sponsored by Russia and Turkey “to live in Afrin, mostly opposition gunmen and their families who refused to settle with the Syrian government.