Turkey continues arrests in Afrin

Translation from Arabic: @mekut_mallet

Armed members of the Turkey-backed so-called 112th faction took over the olive harvest of more than 5,000 trees in the villages of Khazyan Fawqani and Khazyan Tahtani in the area of Ma’btali in the northern countryside of Afrin.
Local sources confirmed that the trees of which the crop was seized are located in the plain of the two villages and belong to the following Kurdish citizens:
Fawzi Hasan
Mohamed Hasan
Hasan Haneef Haj Hasan
Mohammed Ali Jilo
Adnan Anwar Ibish
Fathi Anwar Ibish
Hasan Saydo Ja’far
Omar Seydo Ja’far
For its part, the Turkey-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya, located in the Raju district, seized the agricultural lands in the villages between Raju and Bulbul.

In the Shiya area, armed elements of the faction of Sultan Sulaiman Shah (al-Amashat) arrested a number of citizens under various pretexts. The citizen Abdullah Mohammed Saydo, nicknamed Habash, was arrested under the pretext of belonging to the town commune. They also arrested Haji Abdurrahman Shikho, member of the local council, for unknown reasons.

The fate of Mohammed Manla Mohammed, father of three, from the village of Juwayq, still remains unknown since he was kidnapped from the village in mid-October 2018 by armed men.