Wounded by Turkish Border Guard in Kobani East of Aleppo

Date: 24 September, 2018

Turkish border guards wounded a young man from Kobani, east of Aleppo province, while he was at his home in his village near the Turkish border, where he was wounded by bullets fired from armored military vehicles headed to the border point zero in the village of Ashmeh. Turkish border forces targeted people in Zurava, Korali, villages west of Kobani, 15 km, and the villages of Gharib and Karbnaf, east of Kobani city.

The Turkish army yesterday targeted a farmer who went to plow his land near the border in Tel-Abyad, causing serious injuries in his abdomen, and also targeted Kharab Kurt village in the countryside of Qamishli city, Hasaka province and a child was seriously wounded.

At the beginning of the year, the Turkish army targeted dozens of villages along the border with Syria, causing dozens of civilian casualties. Turkish border guards also hinders farmers from accessing their land and orchards near the border area, where they are shot with live ammunition.