ISL member arrest in Manbij was planning to carry out operations

One day after a suicide car bomb attack on a military commander in the “Military Council of Manbij city ” led to the death of a citizen and wounding seven. “Manbij Military Council” has successfully arrested a member of ISL Organization in a security operation.
Manbij military council forces have pledged to remain vigilant in order to maintain security and stability in Manbij, which has witnessed a series of operations targeting security and military leaders and officials accused of being behind them. A suicide attack killed 15 people, including four Americans, three of them soldiers and fourth civilian.
Escalation face of suicide bombings and targeting of Council leaders to plant mines, the security forces carried out several security operations led to arrest of two cells were planning to carry out terrorist operations admitted to receiving funding from Turkey.

Meanwhile, Monsef al-Mukhair, arrest a 22-year-old Moroccan-born Moroccan who surrendered to the US-backed Democratic forces of Syria two months ago in Baguoz, town confirmed that he was preparing to carry out major operations.
The man has been held in prison since he left Baguoz village, the last enclave of the organization in eastern Syria. Syrian democratic forces are preparing to snatch Baguoz from the organization, which once controlled one-third of Iraq and Syria.
Al-Mukhair explained that Islamic state is planning the next stage, hundreds of men have fled to establish slept cells across Iraq and eastern Syria and militants are determined to respond.
Although Bagouz is the last population area under organization control , it remains a major security threat to its activity in other remote areas and its ability to launch guerrilla attacks.