Turkish “gendarmerie” committed a “massacre” on the Syrian border … the death number exceeded 10

victims number  of Turkish border guards (gendarmerie) over the past three days has risen to 10 … More victims have been identified, including three women. The victims are all Syrian refugees who were trying to reach Turkey to escape the eight-year war in Syria.

The last victim was identified as “Huda Ahmed Murad Musa” from  Gilbira village in Afrin area and was accompanied by another girl named “Maryam Mohammed” from  Aqiba village where the fate is still unknown …

The family of the young girl “Maha Mohammed Al-Amour” from Kafrbal city in rural Idlib was confirmed killed by “Turkish gendarmerie” while trying to cross the Syrian-Turkish border, and no information about 7 other people who were with her.

The body of a woman named Huda Taleb Ahmed, born in 1980 and Maryam Taleb Mohammed, 1985 and a third man, whose identity was not identified, were also identified.

The “gendarme” targeting Syrian refugees trying to cross the border from Syria to escape the war in their country has been repeated and has built a barrier along its 911-kilometer border to prevent refugees from entering, killing and injuring civilians on an ongoing basis.

The number of refugees killed by Turkish border guards rose to 419, according to statistics from Vdc-Nsy, including 78 children under the age of 18 and 45 and the number of injured by fire or assault to 305.