21 people arrested in Afrin in two days

The violations do not stop in Afrin area  and the various areas under control of Turkey .. It seems that Turkey does not ask the factions supported by it to stop the daily crimes against civilians … from kidnapping and killing under torture, property confiscation and imposition of royalties, even dead do not safe from them, as they continue to destroy more graves as revenge from humans, planting and stone ..

Citizen Na’assan Ismail

In the face of these violations, which reach the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Turkish president is committed to getting out the media every day, praising his army’s ability to “occupy Afrin” as one of the most important achievements of his great and vowed more military operations to occupy more cities in east Euphrates and Manbij , Which is reminiscent of security and stability of areas controlled by its army … Perhaps it bet on fact that the international community may overlook actions of these areas … or is confident and with repeated disregard of the “international community” for his crimes in Afrin and other cities and that he will not be held accountable in any Another area … or betting on confidence  and was able to survive the deed and withheld truth about the world and it is able to mute international organizations concerned to continue to ignore atrocities committed by Turkish forces and the Syrian militias recruited Turks to do more crimes with impunity ….

In the latest violation, the Syrian-Turkish factions destroyed dozens of civilian graves in Habbo village in / Ma’abtli area in Afrin … The next images reveal truth and confirm explosion in the graves … In a repetition ofthe practices of Islamic state organization … “elite brigade” in “Sheikhotka” and “Amara” villages are “jury cans / box containing 16 kilograms of oil,” ranging between (5 – 15 packages) or make the price in Syrian pounds, a protection tax note that two inhabitants of the village are displaced and not allowed and their houses and trees were seized.

At Faisal Kadoor School in Afrin, students from the eastern Ghouta attacked a Kurdish girl and beat her and struck her. The parents of these students had earlier seized homes of the Aboriginal people in Afrin and refused to hand them over or even share them with their owners.

In “Tarnada Junction” checkpoint, which is called “Looting Checkpoint”, where the militants are deployed, continue to assault civilians, search them, harass women, steal money or confiscate identity and any official papers, In the last 48 hours, six people, including a woman, were arrested.

In the Rajo area, armed groups operating in name of “military police” have told shops to pay $ 100 as a new tax under protection, one of the new means of financing the factions … This abuses reaped in Al Basota town, There was a large number of people who were taken to an unknown place, known as “Mustafa, 65 years old”.

In Jandaris area, the armed factions still refuse to return residents of  Tilf village to their homes, some of which have been turned into military headquarters and distributed to families of the militants ….

In Bulbul area in Afrin countryside , ” East factions ” and “Suleiman Shah” carried out a new campaign and raided dozens of houses in  “Zvenkki” and “Cara” and “Kota / Qutanli” villages and arrested 11 people,

“Na’assan Abdel Qader Ismail”, “Mohamed Youssef”, “Rashid Khalil Ibrahim” and “Salah Hanif Battal”.

Some were arrested in front of bakery, where he was waiting for his turn to receive bread.

He also informed families for continuation of groups following the armed factions to cut olive trees and forest trees between “Basuta” and ” Barj Abdo ” villages …