Turkish “gray wolf” invades children’s schools north of Aleppo

Day after day, more negative Turkish roles unfold in the areas occupied in northern Syria, which seek to change their demographic, cultural and social composition by destroying the local community and imposing a new paradigm.

This time from the orphanage in Afrin, where a video clip showed during inauguration of orphanage and culture in Kutanli village in ​​Bulbul area in Afrin. Teachers or supervisors teach and train children to raise gray wolves’ signal.

The school is funded by Euphrates Association and Association movement  of (“Yassoy” )Turkish charity, which was opened in cooperation with the Syrian Turkmen Council and the Turkish government.

Gray wolves”, one of the Turkish extremist movements operating under the shadow of the intelligence of Ankara, elements of former Turkish intelligence agents or military contractors. It is known as a fascist, extremist nationalist movement claiming superiority of the “Turkish race” and that rest of the people must be exterminated or smashed within Turkish race …. It was involved in terrorist attacks, including bombings in Bangkok in summer of 2015 that killed 20 people, most prominent suspect in assassination attempt on Pope y Paul II and was involved in a series of assassinations over 700 victims of communist, Kurdish, Armenian and al-Qaeda. In 1977, a massacre was committed against the Alawites and 1,000 students were killed at Istanbul University.