Lawyers’ Platform documents 920 cases of violations within war crimes committed in Afrin

The Syrian Human Rights Platform for Afrin Defense documented more than 920 cases of violations by Turkish forces and supported Syrian groups in Afrin area. The organization described violations as amounting to war crimes involving civilian property seizure, massacres, kidnapping, looting and displacement.

The organization accused Turkish forces of carrying out attacks on civilians on 20 January, committed 12 massacres, killed approximately 750 civilians, including children and women and destroyed thousands of civilian homes and public facilities. In addition to displacement thousands of residents of the city and its countryside.

The organization also spoke about violations committed after Turkish forces took control of the city on 18 March of kidnapping, killing, looting and dispossession of property and demographic change.

The report pointed out that “with olive harvest season, the Turkish army prevented people from siege of olive fields and harvest their crops, where they seized 90 percent of olive crop.

In addition to this, fear and scared of kidnapping and killing in Afrin streets , using style of kidnapping to asking for ransom from civilians then displacement them and seizure of their homes.