Syria’s democratic forces in the face of Turkey from the north and ISL from the south

Turkish forces are launching attacks on sites belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces from north, as these forces are fighting ISL in south, impeding progress in the “battle to defeat terrorism,” he says.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced that the continuation of Turkish attacks on areas in northeastern Syria would lead to a long standstill in campaign against ISL.

US-backed forces said on Wednesday that Turkish attacks on Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria had led to a temporary halt to the offensive by the forces on ISL state in eastern Syria.

The commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces said the Turkish attacks had led to “cessation of the battle to defeat terrorism temporarily” in Deir al-Zour.

“The continuation of these attacks will cause a long-term suspension of our military campaign against a ISL organization, which Turkey wants,” he said in a statement.

“The direct coordination between attacks of the Turkish army in the north and the attacks of a ISL organization in the south against our forces led to cessation of the battle to temporarily defeat terrorism that our forces were waging in last strongholds of the terrorist organization,” the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces said in a statement.

Turkish television station TRT said on Wednesday four Kurdish fighters had been killed after Turkish troops fired artillery shells across the border into the Syrian area of ​​Kobani.

The shells were fired from Shanli-Orfa / Rha region in southeastern Turkey on Syrian border.

Syria’s democratic forces, which control most of northern and eastern Syria, said they had responded to Turkish forces targeting locations along the border.

The Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim said in an interview today, regarding the developments on the ground in province of Deir al-Zour, the success of “Syrian Democratic Forces” in coordination with International coalition to launch a strong counterattack during which restoration of all sites and areas that ISL was able to restore from grip of SDF before days.