Wounded in Turkish shelling of villages in eastern Kobani in Aleppo countryside

At least one civilian was wounded in renewed targeting of villages in eastern city of Kobani, northeast of Aleppo. Turkish gendarmes on the border fired indiscriminately at the villages of Ghareeb and Karbnaf / east of Kubani, 20 km on the Turkish border, injuring a citizen from Karbnaf village and causing material damage to residents property .
The attacks came after a similar day in which the Turkish army fired at the villages of Ein Batt, Qara Mugh, Gharib, Kosak, Karnaf and Ali Shar
At the beginning of this year, the Turkish army targeted dozens of villages along the border with Syria in the villages of Ashmeh, Alishar and the village of Zour Maghar, which was bombed by the Turkish army with more than 70 shells at the beginning of February this year