The People of Afrin Complain That the Pro-Turkish Factions Took Over the Olive Season

Date: October 17, 2018

A number of Afrin women living in Shahbaa area after forced displacement from their villages and cities as a result of the “Turkish invasion” expressed their discontent with the practices of the Turkish armed forces and their Syrian groups as well as their families, Where they cooperate with what they described as theft of olive and pomegranate crops, and take over their homes and land.

Olive trees were our source of livelihood and the future of our children

Nizifa Shahin, a 70-year-old from Kobaka village in Mubata, says she spent her life caring for olive trees and paid everything she could to buy olive orchards to secure the future of her children.

She notes that she is currently living in difficult days because of the practices of the Turkish occupation, which loot and steal the work of women who spent their lives caring for olive trees.

“We are the owners of the land and we will return”

“My husband and I lived in the village on our own, and each year, we harvested the olives season and took advantage of it by providing food and preparing various types of olives,” said mother Salha Mohammed, a resident of Khuzayouna village in the town of Mubata. Oil to control our lives but the Turkish occupation has deprived us of our property. “

“We are the owners of the land from the payment of precious and good in order to benefit from and develop it, but the Turkish occupation is now plundering our fatigue.”

Amina Sidou, in turn, denounced these acts and stressed that their purpose was to destroy the property of the region and destroy the culture of the people.