Armed factions are blackmailing "industrial shops owners " in Afrin area in northern Aleppo

September 26, 2018

Vehicles repair shops and spare parts depots were almost completely looted and stolen during entry of Syrian military factions of Turkish forces into Afrin area. Recently, operations of narrowing system and extortion against professionals and warehouses have begun after reopen industrial area and return some owners of shops to reactive life in the region.

However, continuous violations by these armed formations forced some Afrin residents to close local workshops and shops, according to local observers, while others are still in a state of hesitation and confusion as a result of many violations they face , whenever they ask for price of spare parts which are replaced by armed elements vehicles or repair, especially as majority of elements in delay in paying consequences of repair of their vehicles or in purchase case of some spare parts, through threat of kidnapping or false accusations as a means to evade money payment .

The industrial area in Afrin is most important center for repair workshops for all types of vehicles and mechanisms. The industrial city has a huge market that provides service to all neighboring areas. However, “Al sham Front” faction which currently controls this area has failed to reorganize the market due to armed factions practices which extortion against shop owners in the market in addition to large number of kidnappings in order to claim a ransom.